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Miracle at Keti Bunder

Khan, Rina Saeed
Winner: South Asia Regional Award
The Friday Times (2009-07-10)

Climate change is real, it is happening and its consequences are devastating. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the Indus Delta which lies in the southern Sindh province of Pakistan. Due to rising sea-levels and declining levels of fresh water in the Indus River, the sea has intruded 54km upstream along the river, destroying fertile land and killing off the thick mangrove forests. With the help of WWF-Pakistan, the local fishermen are adapting to climate change by planting new mangrove species and installing wind turbines to take care of their energy needs. Mangroves provide rich breeding grounds for fish, in addition to protecting the coast from storms.


Series: Climate change focus on Eritrea

Kindra, Jaspreet
Winner: The Climate Change & Adaptation Award
IRIN News (2009-06-15)

Eritrea is one of the world's poorest countries. Yet it has made some strides in trying to adapt to the impact of climate change, such as, trying to generate electricity through wind power or initiating water harvesting techniques. This article highlights how sheer determination and political will can help overcome a lack of resources.


Series: Bangladesh: Where the climate exodus begins

Friedman, Lisa
Winner: The Human Voices Award
Climate Wire (2009-03-30)

This five-part series explores the phenomenon of climate migration in Bangladesh, one of the world’s most vulnerable countries. It looks at the issue through the lens of Bangladesh because -- unlike low-lying small island states where the link between rising sea levels and migration is clear – the story here is far more complicated. In countries like Bangladesh, climate change comes amid a background of extreme poverty, poor infrastructure and overpopulation. Climate change also weaves into social trends like globalization and urbanization. These stories are an attempt to delve into the nuances of how rising sea levels, fiercer storms and other weather-related consequences of warming temperatures will – and in many cases already are – changing the lives of people around the world.

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