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Macedonia, Republic Of

Instead of tomatoes, tropical fruits in Negorci

Pandurska-Dramikjanin, Frosina
Winner: Eurasia Regional Award
Alsat-M TV (2009-08-26)

This report was broadcast on Alsat-M news in both Macedonian and Albanian. It focuses on two themes: adaptation to climate change and irrigation. This report highlights how people can adapt to the effects of climate change by embracing new ideas: the villagers of Negorci, near the Macedonian town of Gjevgelia, are experimenting with the farming of tropical fruits as the temperatures are raising in the region. But the report also shows the problems related to irrigation, today and possibly in the next 50 years in Macedonia.


Series: The Route of Smoke

Fanzeres, Andreia and Prizibisczki, Cristiane
Winner: Global Public Award & Latin America Regional Award
O Eco (2009-09-01)
The problem of fires in Brazil is not a question of the good guys versus the bad guys. It is the result of the economic model the country chose for itself, with a lack of rural assistance, as well as other factors, which place Brazil as one of the five major emitters in the world. “The route of the smoke” series is divided into five chapters. It begins with a discussion about the origin of burnings, going through other stories that show Brazilian structure and investment in preventing and combating forest fires. It also goes in to the consequences of the burning on public heath and the well-being of the jungle, as well as the effects of Amazon fires on climate change. This in depth report gives a voice to the people on the frontline. Those people who live the daily dilemma of striking a match in the dry jungle.
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