Political theater of an entirely different kind

by Douglas Fischer (2009-12-14)
COPENHAGEN – Location and timing – that's all that matters in the end, and the folks at Climate Action Network had the market cornered Tuesday. Six o'clock at the end of a long second day here at the Bella Center and delegates, activists, press and observers were starting to file out. The...Read more

Samsø Island cuts the cord

by Douglas Fischer (2009-12-14)
In 1997 the residents of Samsø Island set out to make their island the first in Denmark to go 100 percent energy independent. They've largely succeeded, installing wind turbines, biomass plants, district heating and solar hot-water systems. But the secret to their success, they say, has nothing to...Read more

Climate solution: Cycling in Copenhagen

by Douglas Fischer (2009-12-11)
To visit Copenhagen is to see bicycle commuting taken to an entirely new level, at least by standards in the United States. The residents of Copenhagen bike 1.2 million kilometers every weekday - that's 40 times around the globe. The climate benefits are obvious, but to the Danes, that's almost...Read more

Stale and stalemated

by Douglas Fischer (2009-12-11)
One week in and progress - if it's to be seen at all - can only be found "under the ... magnifying glass," as Karl Falkenberg, the European Commission's director general for the environment said Friday. At a briefing Friday...Read more

Disarray in Denmark?

by Douglas Fischer (2009-12-09)
My sense  in talking with various delegates is that the Danish text controversy is more of a wrinkle, if that. Delegates from South Africa, Mexico, Algeria hadn't even heard of it when I asked them about it late yesterday and early today; I haven't gotten any sense that these talks have come...Read more