International Climate Change Campaign 'tcktcktck' partners on Human Voices Award

Campaign Co-Founder Kofi Annan: "We Must End the Deathly Silence Around This Issue"


(August 5, 2009) - The global media development organization Internews today announced a partnership with the tcktcktck campaign, a movement backed by some of the world's most recognized political leaders and non government organisations, to ensure that those already affected by climate change are heard by governments negotiating at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this December.

"Today, millions of people are already suffering because of climate change," said Kofi Annan, President of the Global Humanitarian Forum, a tcktcktck founding partner. "Although developing countries did not cause the climate crisis, poor nations are suffering the most as unpredictable weather patterns and the increase in natural disasters affects access to food, water and shelter. We must end the deathly silence around this crisis because it is a major impediment for international action. Those helping raise awareness of the crisis through journalism should be praised for doing so, especially as December's international climate talks in Copenhagen approach."

The tcktcktck campaign is partnering with Internews for the Human Voices Award, one of seven major thematic awards of the Internews Earth Journalism Awards that will culminate in a high-profile ceremony in Copenhagen on the eve of the final negotiations. The Earth Journalism Awards have attracted approximately 600 registrations from over 125 countries since opening on World Environment Day, June 5.

After years of debate on the issue, leaders from across the globe are expected to converge in Copenhagen to attempt to map out a plan for addressing the challenges brought by a planet whose temperature is changing at an accelerating rate due to human activity.

"Climate change is not just an environmental problem, but an immediate threat to the survival and rights of people around the world. World leaders need to acknowledge this and commit to finding a solution at the Copenhagen meeting in December," said Mary Robinson, President of Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globalization Initiative, a partner of tcktcktck. "The Human Voices Award is vital because it rewards those who have helped bring the voices of those already affected by climate change to the forefront of the debate around this crisis."

The Human Voices Award will be given to the best story highlighting the human and social dimensions of climate change. Winning work will embody excellence in journalism that features the perspectives of those communities most exposed to the current or future impacts of climate change.

"Through journalists participating in the Human Voices Award we can help to build strong public pressure for a successful outcome," said Kumi Naidoo, tcktcktck chairperson. "We must unite for climate justice and ensure that leaders sign up to a fair, ambitious and binding agreement in Copenhagen."

"The tcktcktck campaign is supporting the 'Human Voices' category of the Earth Journalism Awards because it is vital that world leaders know that inaction is affecting the lives of people and communities around the globe right now," Mr Naidoo said. "This award focuses our attention on the lives of people and communities affected by climate change, and we invite journalists around the world to ensure that their voices are heard by the negotiators in Copenhagen."

Internews is working with the tcktcktck campaign to ensure that broadest possible range of journalists enter the awards by September 7. Entrants may come from professional, citizen and community media from across the globe.  We hope that journalists from each of the 192 member countries that will be represented at the negotiations in Copenhagen will submit applications to the Earth Journalism Awards so that their stories can be told at this historic event.

The tcktcktck campaign is an unprecedented alliance of faith groups, NGOs, trade unions and individuals together at this crucial time to call for a new international treaty that will save the planet from the dangerous effects of climate change.

For more information and to apply for the award please go to: The Human Voices Award page.

For more information, about Internews, click here.

Partners and sponsors of the Earth Journalism Awards also include the COP15 host country, the Government of Denmark; MTV International; The World Bank; the Italian Ministry of Environment and the Protection of Territory and Sea; the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation; the Edgerton Family Foundation; Flip Video Spotlight; the Global Forum for Media Development; and the tcktcktck campaign.

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