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The 15 Earth Journalism Awards winners received their awards in the Danish Radio Hall in Copenhagen on the eve of the COP15 high level negotiations from key figures on climate and environmental issues, including Mary Robinson, the former President of Ireland; Marina Silva, the former environment minister of Brazil; and Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International.

The Global Public Award, determined by thousands of online voters, went to "The Route of Smoke," a multimedia report by Brazilian journalists Andreia Fanzeres and Cristiane Prizibisczki, who documented how customary farming practices that contribute to the country's emissions are clashing with new methods for responsible agriculture.

"If we are to have any hope of reversing the effects of climate change, then we have a monumental task of educating the six billion people on our planet about how climate change works and what they can do to help," Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri said. "The media is critical in this effort, since just one reporter has the ability to reach thousands, even millions, of people. These awards help to expand and honour these vitally important efforts."

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Series: The Route of Smoke

Fanzeres, Andreia and Prizibisczki, Cristiane
Winner: Global Public Award & Latin America Regional Award
O Eco (2009-09-01)
The problem of fires in Brazil is not a question of the good guys versus the bad guys. It is the result of the economic model the country chose for itself, with a lack of rural assistance, as well as other factors, which place Brazil as one of the five major emitters in the world. “The route of the smoke” series is divided into five chapters. It begins with a discussion about the origin of burnings, going through other stories that show Brazilian structure and investment in preventing and combating forest fires. It also goes in to the consequences of the burning on public heath and the well-being of the jungle, as well as the effects of Amazon fires on climate change. This in depth report gives a voice to the people on the frontline. Those people who live the daily dilemma of striking a match in the dry jungle.

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